“We’re Not kidding around”

The new album from Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers

Visit our Activities page where we will feature a bunch of fun games, projects, and ideas for making books come alive. 

Learn how to Draw a monkey with “Monkey Lost” author and Illustrator Ed Heck!

Make a stick-puppet theater for

owen and Mzee!




VISIT your local library-

Of course you can easily order any of these titles from some massive on-line shopping site, BUT……..

what about taking a trip to your local Library and borrowing a book? 

(it’s free!)

Introducing a young person to their local library is 

a field trip that will be remembered for a Lifetime! 

Need some help locating your local Library? 

Click here to access the WorldCat Library Finder

Or….Buy a copy from your local independent Book Store!

Now, more than ever, these important small businesses can use your patronage-

Use the local book store finder and give them a call. They’d love to hear from you, 

and can probably order and ship a copy to you with more appreciation and service than some massive 

on-line shopping site.

Plus, they won’t steal your personal data and try to sell you other things 

you don’t need!

Click here to access the independent book store finder